Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue


Our mission here at Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re home Great Danes to loving and safe forever homes.


We thoroughly vet potential adopters, require home visits, reference checks, and will do all that we can to match the personality and needs of a Dane with a family that will be the best fit. 


The Danes in our rescue are not placed in a shelter or facility type setting, but rather in our homes, or in approved foster homes that follow strict requirements to ensure the safety and well-being of each Dane. Our rescues are part of our families, and we require follow up visits, health checks, and stay in contact with all of the families that have opened their homes and their hearts to this amazing breed. We also work with local veterinarians that are familiar with giant breed dogs to provide full medical treatments and the best care for all of our rescues. 

Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit corporation incorporated in the State of Florida and a 501(c)(3) with the Internal Revenue Service. Gentle Giants GDR is registered with the State of Florida to accept donations to help fund the rescue. Gentle Giants is completely volunteer run and 100% of proceeds go directly to the Danes!

Featured Dane - Layla


Layla is a sweet and gentle 4 year old Harlequin Great Dane. Sweet Layla came from MDAS with Ben. They were both neglect cases. Layla gets along with other dogs and is starting to come out of her shell. She is gaining weight, she came in at 86lbs, and is now up to 108lbs. Once healthy enough, she will be spayed and gastropexied before finding her forever home.

Next Event - Gulfstream Brewing
03/14/20 - 2pm
Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue would like to invite everyone to our monthly Drink for a Cause event. Join us at Gulfstream Brewing on Saturday, March 14th at 2pm to support the rescue.

Gulfstream is partnering with Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue. With a $5 donation to the rescue you will receive a bracelet that will get you $1 off each beer at the brewery. All money raised will go directly towards the medical care of the amazing Danes in the Rescue.