How To Say Cane Corso?

It is phonetically pronounced ″KAH-NAY KOR-SO,″ and its full name is ″CANE CORSO.″ The word ″CANE″ (pronounced KAH-NAY) is not pronounced like the words ″candy cane,″ ″walking cane,″ ″king,″ or any other word than KAH-NAY. What does it mean to say ″Cane Corso″ in Italian?

Is the “E” in “Cane Corso” silent?

The Cane Corso is a good example of this. Some newcomers are under the impression that the ″e″ in the first word is silent, much like it would be in English; hence, they pronounce it in the same manner as they would the ″cane″ in ″sugar cane.″ No, never.

Is it Cani Corsi or Cani Mastini?

Even though ″Cane″ does not end in a ″o,″ it is a masculine noun; hence, the same rule applies, and the ultimate result is ″Cani Corsi.″ This is the case with the Cane Corso.However, it is quite unusual to find someone, almost anywhere in the globe, who conjugates this correctly; most people prefer the Anglicized form, which is ‘Corsos.’ Despite this, mastini are frequently used in contexts that demand grammatical correctness.

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