Why Does My French Bulldog Smell Like Fish?

  • If your French bulldog has poor breath that smells like fish, it may be because he has an ulcer in his mouth, an infection in his teeth, or he has just eaten something that has a strong odor.
  • The foul breath of a dog may have a negative impact on the quality of life of your dog and will undoubtedly define the limits of what constitutes appropriate displays of affection between the two of you.
  • Abscesses of the Tooth Roots in French Bulldogs

It is quite common for dogs to ″express″ their anal sacs when they are terrified, despite the fact that the process can be rather pungent. The secretions of the anal gland have a distinctive odor that a lot of people say smells like fish. If your dog has a fishy odor, there is a good probability that something is wrong with their salivary glands, which are called the anal glands.

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