Meet our Team

Gentle Giants Board of Directors

Luna Osorio

Luna Osorio was born in New York, moved to South Florida at a young age and has been there ever since. Her love for animals of all shapes and sizes started in infancy. Luna has worked with exotic and domestic animals for almost 10 years now.


Her first contact with Great Danes was in the form of her beloved Dane Apollo. She never imagined that she would own a Dane in her life time, and now she wouldn't own any other breed. Luna is in the medical field and when she is not at work, delivering top notch patient care she is spending time with her Dane and all the other Danes she has helped raise.


Luna has worked tirelessly to educate the public, veterinarians, and new Great Dane owners on giant breed knowledge, and husbandry. Together with close friends Luna has found furever homes for multiple Danes ranging in ages from 8 weeks to 10 years old. To Luna every Dane is her baby and she won't stop until every Dane has a place to call home.

Jahmila Shamfa

Jahmila moved to Florida from New Jersey, with her then Great Dane named Ludo. In her search for other Dane friends, she met Luna and her Dane group. While Jahmila has been a volunteer for another Great Dane Rescue for over 11+ years when she moved to Florida her role in that rescue became less active due to the distance. Jahmila was happy to step up and help with Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue when Luna was in need of another director.
When not working a full time job, Jahmila spends her time volunteering and hanging with her Dane Dalis and enjoying South Florida living.

Jennifer Tabaszewski

Jennifer was born in Massachusetts, raised in Connecticut, and more recently relocated to Florida. Jennifer had various pets growing up, but never a dog. In her young adulthood, she decided to become vegetarian for the animals betterment. Her love and compassion for animals knows no bounds. She has supported many rescues and farm sanctuaries. She now chooses a vegan lifestyle, not to consume any animals nor animal by-products even while competing as a bodybuilder. 


While fascinated with Scooby Doo as a child, Jennifer always wanted to have a large, loving dog in her life. She had a negative experience with a rescue that luckily led her to Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue. It was there that she fell in love with her first Great Dane whom she adopted, Eugene. 


Through her positive experience working with Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue, she started volunteering her time and meeting more of this wonderful breed. Life wouldn't be the same without a wonderful Great Dane! Jennifer enjoys helping carry out the mission of GGGDR to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome these divine animals. 

Tara Harrington

Hi! I am Tara. I have a huge passion for rescue. I have worked around animals my entire life and still work with animals as a dog trainer. I believe every Great Dane deserves a loving, sweet and kind home, a couch and a bed to sleep on and a heart to occupy.  They are such a special breed. I currently have three Danes, Luna-10y/o, Captain-2 y/o and Lilo- 7 months old. They all are so amazing and provide so much love to my family, especially my 9month old little girl, who is also following in my footsteps as a Dane lover. Great Danes aren't just called great because of their size, but their personality and love they provide as well!

Ashley Cunill

Hi! I am Ashley! I am a Speech & Language Pathologist by day working with Special Needs Children, and by night I am a body builder, animal lover & activist, ocean obsessed, but most proudly a wife & fur-mom.  I have 4 dogs: Rampage (Bull Terrier), Martini (Great Dane), Khali (Poodle-Chihuaha), & Kahlua (Dachshund).    


My love for Danes started 6 years ago when our Martini came into our lives.  She came from a backyard breeder & she opened my eyes to rescue! When my husband and I thought about adopting another Dane, we met Luna and GGGDR.  It was then I realized I was beyond happy with my Zoo and decided to put my time into helping other Gentle Giants find amazing and loving homes that they deserve.


Life with a Dane is an incredible and special one and I love spreading awareness!  But when I am not working or volunteering my time with rescue you can usually find me in the gym, out on the boat, or with the pups.