Heidi Mehaffey, Esq.

Heidi Mehaffey has had a special bond with animals since her dad brought home a rescued pot bellied pig when she was a little girl living in Davie, Florida. An elderly pony, neighborhood cats, fish, chickens, a ferret, birds, and two more pigs later, Heidi and her husband, Bryan, fell in love with a Great Dane puppy named Apollo. A year and a half later Luna sent Heidi a photograph of an 8 week old rescue pup named Atlas that needed a forever home. Atlas (pictured above) joined the family and life became so much greater.

Heidi dedicated her studies in law school on environmental law and animal welfare issues. She was recently published in the Animal Law Committee of the Florida Bar and the Mid-Atlantic Journal on Law and Public Policy for her articles on the pig farming industry and the need for humane standards of operation.

Heidi graduated from Nova Southeastern Shepard Broad Law Center in May of 2015, magna cum laude, ranked number one in her graduating class. Her primary practice areas are Animal Law, Emotional Support Animal Accommodations, Fair Housing Act, and Environmental Law and Land Use practice.