Gentle Giants GDR is not currently accepting new surrenders.


We understand what a difficult decision it may be to have to re-home your Great Dane, but if this situation does arise, rest assured Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue is here to help. We have a team of dedicated Directors, Volunteers, and Fosters. We thoroughly vet all potential adopters, require home visits, and will do all that we can to match the personality and needs of your dogs with families that will be the best fit. 


The Danes in our rescue are never placed in shelters, but rather in our homes or in approved foster or adoptive homes that follow strict requirements to ensure the safety and well-being of each dog. Our rescues are part of our families, and we require follow up visits, health checks, and stay in contact with all the families that have opened their homes and hearts to this amazing breed.


We also work closely with local veterinarians that are familiar with giant breed dogs to provide full medical treatments and the best care for all our rescues. If you would like our help finding the perfect forever home for your baby, please fill out our Re-Homing questionnaire and one of our Directors will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.



This past year my wife brought home a Great Dane that she got from her parents . It seemed like such a great idea , Maya was beautiful and sweet , it wasn’t too long before we realized how much these dogs grow and that we were unable to care for her properly . I couldn’t find a suitable home for her and couldn’t bear the thought of calling animal services . It was at that time that I came across Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue . Luna was great to deal with , very compassionate and caring and helped us take over Maya and find her the home she deserved . Luna kept me informed through the whole process even sending me pictures of Maya playing with other Danes and sharing her home with her . When Maya was adopted I felt great to know that she is now in a home suitable for her and all thanks to the loving care of Gentle Giants . I would recommend them with eyes closed to anyone who is looking to adopt or surrender their Great Dane .